Giving Back

Roza Lyons is proud to call itself far more than another restaurant in Southie – it is a community partner that looks to play an active role in South Boston.  Both Rob and Ian as Managing Partners believe in giving back to those that got them this far and acting by example in the neighborhood that they both call “home”:  Southie!

American Cancer Society


Ian Neubecker honors his late mother with her maiden name on at the forefront of his business.  Kandy Roza died of breast cancer and Ian could find no better way to celebrate her life and the values she has instilled in him than to make her an integral part of his business name.  In her honor and memory, Ian has created a craft cocktail called the “Candy Rose,” both a play on her name and a pink drink in celebration of breast cancer research and advancements made by the American Cancer Soceity.  100% of the proceeds from this drink will be donated to the American Cancer Society through Relay For Life in memory of Ian’s mother.  Please join us in raising a glass to Kandy Roza and making a donation to this worthy cause.

The McCourt Foundation


Rob Fizhharris has been a long-time friend of the McCourt foundation, having known the McCourt brothers for many years and enduring 2 marathons to raise money for the foundation. Brian, Peter, and Paul McCourt have been incredibly supporting to Rob throughout his time in Boston and while he began to build his own business at Roza Lyons.  Rob welcomes the opportunity to work with them in the future.

Giving back to Southie

Both Rob and Ian want to lead by example and play active roles in helping, giving back, and bettering the neighborhood.  Both of them welcome community leaders to engage them in activities, charities and neighborhood events.